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proposition: The Bible teaches that all divorce is null and void in the eyes of God.

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The Debaters


            R. (Bob) N. Crawford.

            handle: bob_crawford


                        I am the author of this site. I’m just one person. I argue in favour of the proposition. And I get very little help and encouragement too. Its just me and God against the world. But, hey, I'm part Celt, and we love a hopeless cause. In the end, it is God's battle - if its the truth, God will make this pig fly, and I'll be watching in amazement and smiling.





            William Tipton

            handle: FoC


    He is my main opponent although there have been others as well. FoC has been, by far, my most enthusiastic opponent. He was so upset over my proposition that he developed a web site devoted to opposing it. You can find it at



History of the Debate, Location & How to Participate:


The debate started in January, 2007. The messy battleground is located at  at  the following path:

Theology Online > Politics, Religion, And The Rest > Exclusively Christian Theology > All Divorce: null and void.(?)


I believe the following link will take you there directly:


If you would like to contribute, you can sign up at ‘TheologyOnline’. You would be welcome. You will find a host of other interesting topics on that web site as well. I understand that you can participate in a discussion/debate on FoCs site as well, but the emphasis is against the proposition.


So far, we have picked most of the lowest, easy to reach fruit, so to speak. Now we are working away at the harder topics, which take a lot more time to research, so the pace of posting has slowed very much.


Eventually, I will post a summary of all arguments-so-far. On this web site, you will find only those of my arguments that have not fallen (in my bias judgment) - a sort of summary of a summary. This website is more of an informational site, documenting and summarizing the progress of the debate from a pro-proposition point of view. The debate itself will take place on the 'theology on line' site.



bob crawford


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