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proposition: The Bible teaches that all divorce is null and void in the eyes of God.

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1Cor7:28 Article Summary Page

In conclusion, 1 Cor. 7:25-28 must be interpreted to be speaking about, in modern language, the breaking off of an engagement to be married because:


1. the whole passage is, generally, speaking to virgins and their issues,

2. verse 27 is specifically addressed to the case of the virgin man,

3. the word ‘thou’ in verse 27 is ‘the virgin man’, the subject,

4. modern divorcees are not virgins,

5. those who remarry in modern times are not virgins,

6. the word ‘loosed’ is verse 27 cannot refer to the modern divorcee because the modern divorcee is not a virgin and this sentence is speaking to the virgin man,

7. verse 28 specifically mentions the virgin woman marrying, and this cannot refer to a modern remarriage because such a remarriage would not involve virgins.


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